Digital Defence makes clear arrangements on the price of its services and applies reduced rates for NGO’s, startups and special cases. It is possible to agree on a fixed fee or a take a subscription on the basis of a retainer.

Documents for startups

For startups, Digital Defence has fixed fees for standard documentation:

  • Simple privacy-policy: EUR 500 ex. VAT
  • Simple general terms and conditions: EUR 1.250 ex. VAT
  • Simple supplycontract: EUR 1.500 ex. VAT
  • Startup-package in total: EUR 2.000 ex. VAT


Many companies do not want extensive analyses, but a legal sparring partner who gives feedback quickly. For a small amount per month, Digital Defence is your sparring partner:

  • Sparring-subscription: EUR 200 ex. VAT per maand

The subscription is intended for short questions with reasonable intervals. It can be terminated each month.

Hourly rates or fixed fee

Digital Defence can agree on an hourly rate or work for a fixed fee.

Public interest

The firm handles cases with a public interest pro bono. Where necessary, Digital Defence helps to attract financial support.