Law firm Digital Defence defends freedom. We support companies, organisations and citizens in complex legal challenges regarding privacy and security. Not only in court, but also in politics and in the media.


Security requirements are becoming stricter. Authorities are becoming more active. Breaches can lead to liability.

Digital Defence advises you regarding the legal requirements surrounding information security. Together with security-experts where necessary.


The privacy rules are complex. The reputation of an organisation is often on the line. But privacy can also be a unique selling point.

Digital Defence helps you with complex privacy issues regarding topics such as as big data, apps and cloudservices.


Government control is increasing. This costs organisations money, affects their reputation and infringes on user rights.

Digital Defence helps with requests from authorities such as law enforcement and intelligence agencies, and with public affairs.


As an organisation grows more mature, compliance becomes more important: the internal processes and policies should be in order.

Digital Defence assists with compliance matters, through the use of impact assessments, audits and strategic advice.


Privacy is a highly specialised field which changes quickly. It is important to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

Digital Defence provides practical training courses for organisations and law firms dealing with privacy matters.


Privacy infringements can lead to serious damages. Sometimes these can only be recovered in court.

Digital Defence represents clients in proceedings about privacy infringements, such as unlawful publications and damage claims.

Data breaches

Data and security breaches are increasingly common. Practical assistance from a lawyer can be crucial.

Digital Defence helps you to be prepared and assists you when a breach is discovered. We focus on online services and critical infrastructure.


Privacy- and security requirements should be implemented as early as possible in a design process. This saves time and money.

Digital Defence helps to design software to be privacy-compliant and thus minimise the risks after launch.

Pro bono

Digital Defence is concerned about the increasing restrictions to civil liberties.

It therefore handles cases with a public interest pro bono. Where necessary it helps to attract financing.