Privacy statement

In this privacy statement, information is provided on the processing of personal data by Digital Defence. Digital Defence is the controller as referred to in the Dutch Data Protection Act regarding the processing mentioned below. The contact details of Digital Defence are:

Warmoesstraat 149-151
1012JC Amsterdam

This privacy statement was drafted in February 2014.

Data and processing

Digital Defence may use your personal data for the offering of legal services, financial administration, the sending of a newsletter and communications. Digital Defence will not use your data for other purposes.

Website and cookies

Digital Defence offers its website, which can be reached via and a couple of aliases, through hostingprovider Greenhost. Digital Defence does not use cookies or other ways to track visitors. It does have access to the visitor statistics of Greenhost.

Email data

Digital Defence uses email services of Greenhost. When you email with Digital Defence, your email is stored on the servers of Greenhost. A local copy of relevant emails will be stored on the computers of Digital Defence. Digital Defence deletes emails which do not have to be archived as soon as possible after reading. Emails which are related to a certain file will be archived in that file. Other emails are archived in a general folder. Periodically, a check will be performed to see whether such archived emails can be deleted.


Digital Defence uses a CRM-system which runs on a server administered by it. Contact details and contact moments are recorded in this system. These data are used to contact these persons individually or through a mailing list. These contact details are coming from, for example, a business card or a mail which is sent. When there is doubt whether a person would object to being registered in this system, Digital Defence will ask for permission. Everyone can request to be removed completely or partially from the CRM-system.

Financial administration

For its financial administration, Digital Defence may use the services of third parties, such as an accountant or a tax advisor. In this case, it will take the necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of the data to be given to these third parties.

Access rights

You have the right to access, correct or delete the personal data Digital Defence has about you. You can send an access request to the contact details mentioned above. A Dutch-language example of such a request can be found at To ensure the confidentiality of the files of its clients, Digital Defence shall in response to such a request not provide information from a file to third parties, unless the client has given permission to do so.


Digital Defence takes measures to ensure the confidentiality of the information entrusted to it. It offers the possibility to communicate with her through encrypted email (you can find the PGP/GPG-keys here). It avoids the storage of confidential data with other parties to the extent possible (this is unavoidable with email). Digital Defence’s policy is to send confidential email communication inside Digital Defence encrypted. In the case of highly sensitive information, further measures are taken to ensure confidentiality.